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Welcome to Siberia

Siberia.World™ is a new brand of the project company of Olympia-Reisen-Sibir. It is one of the oldest inbound tour operator companies in Siberia, founded in Novosibirsk in 1994. It has gained a good reputation because of quality of services offered and attention to individual requirements.

Nowadays it provides a wide range of different travel services all throughout Siberia and the Eastern part of Russia, as well as in the neighboring countries of Mongolia and China. Our multilingual specialists have arranged thousands of classic and specialized trips, expeditions and business missions projects for the travelers from all around the globe! Since 2004, "Olympia-Reisen-Sibir" has been consistently awarded by Novosibirsk Administration as the best incoming tour operator!

Are you fascinated at the idea of visiting a special, a unique place to experience it yourself? An immense and breathtaking land invites you to discover its magical physical beauty, which has developed a specific Siberian character, and to dive into a majestic world of boundless space... Welcome to Siberia!

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The Trans-Siberian Railroad, built within only 25 years, is the longest railroad on the planet! It stretches from Moscow to Vladivostok and covers more than 9000 km. Modern trains cross this distance within a week, traveling through eight time zones! Try one of the following trips: from Moscow to Vladivostok or from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia.



Situated in the center of Asia, Lake Baikal is one of the biggest and most ancient lakes on this planet, and a pearl of Siberian nature. Besides its natural uniqueness, Lake Baikal possesses many historical treasures, which can be considered cultural monuments of the peoples of Central Asia. Today, as in the past, Lake Baikal remains a crossroads of different cultures, where native Sayats still herd reindeers and Buryat people keep many of their old traditions.



Nothing will give you the best understanding of the Altai wilderness than backpacking in the mountains. Be ready to the adventure activities and very basic rustic facilities, and you will definitely appreciate this trip and make friends with people all over the world in your group!



Everything you dreamed to see in Siberia: mysterious Sayan Mountains, rural Khakassia & Buryatia Republics, the wild Tyva Republic and the marvelous Lake Baikal!



During this extraordinary journey, you will get to know the picturesque Lake Baikal and the mysterious Altai Mountains, historical Irkutsk city and modern Novosibirsk. Ride the famous Transsiberian, see Siberian countryside and enjoy the hospitality of Siberian people!



Celebrate New Year’s Day in Siberia or visit the World’s Coldest Inhabited Place – Oymyakon, located in the Eastern part of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)!

Siberia is one of the few parts of this world that is yet to be fully discovered, and is unknown to the experience of most. Siberian nature, severe yet beautiful, draws the hearts of many enthusiasts aspiring to see with their own eyes a land that for centuries has been wrapped in mystery; and hasn’t lost any of its fabulous beauty and grandeur...

Siberia makes up more than 75% of Russias land mass and occupies a territory of more than 10 million square km. The vast Siberian land stretches from the Ural Mountains in the west, to the Pacific Ocean in the east; from the polar coasts of the Arctic Ocean to the burning steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Siberia is marvelous at any time of the year; whether covered with white glittering snow in winter, or carpeted with wild flowers of all shapes and colors in summer.

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